My 5th Grade Year

My 5th grade year was fun because all of the fun times and nice people like Larkin, Riley,Kooper and Karley.It also fun because Bobby,joe,Billybob,bobby joe,billy that is are group they made it fun this year.I hope that i have teacher like all of the 5th grade teacher again.This year went buy fast but I had fun no matter what anyone say.I hope that everyone had fun this year.But no matter how crazy this year was I will all way keep all of these mimery .I hope every one has a great and happy summer.

humans of 5th grade

One day i helped someone .My mom and i went to the store and we got her some food and got her something to drink .After that she said thank you so so much. We also gave her some money so she could get her  some more food .After that,we gave her a ride to the bus stop so she can go see her family .My mom and i felt very good after that .After that we told my brother Corbyn ,and the next month he and my dad helped the lady with her kids.

War of 1812

W-William Henry Harrison led the U.S force.
A-Attacks Canada June 18, 1812.
R-Ratifier the treaty on February 18 1812.

O-On August 24 1812 they took control of Washington and burned down many buildings.
F-Famous portrait of George Washington from being destroyed when the British forces attacked Washington D.C.

1-1812 January 8 the British attacked New Orleans.
8- 18 ,1812 the war began.
1-1812, British forces attacked Washington.
2-24,December 1812 the U.S and Great Brian signed a peace treaty caller treaty of Ghent.

Battle of Fort Washington

The battle of the fort Washington was a battle fought in New York on November 16,1776.It was a British victory they gained the surrender of the remnant of the garrison.In the Fort Washington battle was United States and Great Britain .The battle ended in a resounding British victory with the fort surrendering 3,000 continental troop and Washington abandoning his defense of New York City.It was not pretty it was one of the worst partriot defeats .There was a lot of bom going  off every where.Fort Washington commander was Robert Magaw .For the Britain  side William Howe and Hugh Percy Wilhelm von .