Hourglass Poem

Samuel Prescott was a Masalchusetts patriot during                 American revolutionary.

Samuel warned people that the  British was come.

Samuel fight in the Midnight ride.

Regulars are out

Samuel Prescott

Only Participant

Best remembered role in midnight ride.

British Amy move to capture guns and gunpowder

when Prescott left Lexington was about 1 am the next moring.



My new year resolution is being nice to my bother. I will star by saying nice thing to him.The reason i chose this is because my mom get mad at me for yelling at him. So i hop that he stop yelling at me for nothing .I hop that his cast gits of so he can do more stuff around the house.I hop that it’s to be a good year.

Red Ribbon Week

Red ribbon week is by far the largest and oldest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red ribbon week began after the kidnapping,toture and murder of DEA agent Enrigue” kiki ‘camarena  in 1985.Red Ribbon week is helping teens all over the world not to drug.

The Mummy

It was Halloween Night and there was a mummy scaring little kids running around at midnight in a pumpkin patch because she liked pumpkins.Her friend were asking why she didn’t want to get some candy and she said something was about to happen .After that,they saw a mummy so they followed the mummy and it ended up at this barn.It went in this box and the girls got a little closer and closer until they goy close enough that they could open it.When they looked in it the mummy was there .But there was a stickly note on it , and it said ”Unroll me”.They did and it  ended up a pumpkin doind the dab .After that they went home and told their mom and dad and they were laughing like them.